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Microneedling With Sculptra

When you pass a mirror, do you do a double-take and think you look tired?  Up close, do you notice thin, crepey, wrinkled skin or dark circles under your eyes?  Is your skin not as firm as it used to be? Don’t worry!  Eastside Skin Care and Laser Center, the leaders in rejuvenating skincare treatments… Read more

Skin Care Routine

Your Skin: Heredity vs. Habit You might inherit good genes but heredity does not get all the credit for great looking skin.  Actually, your daily habits have quite a bit to do with your skin care routine. In fact, they have a lot to do with that reflection you see in the mirror.  Depending on which reviews… Read more

Skincare Myths

When it comes to beauty and the abundance of products available, a little fact-checking goes a long way.   There’s no time for skin care myths or urban legends when you’re talking about skincare.  Even motherly (and grandmotherly) advice, for that matter, still needs to be second-guessed. So, to help separate fact from fiction, we have… Read more